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Circus Tent

Technical Specification

Provided upon request.

Rigging points must be located on structural supports, such as I-beams, trussing, crossbeams and there must be a working load limit assesment avialable for inspection.Aerial Silks:

Minimum drop height: 4.5metres

Working load limit 200kg

High quality, professional (low stretch) aerial silk (also known as an aerial fabric or tissus).
Aerial Net:

Aerial Loops

Minimum Height 5metres

Aerial Rope

Minimum height 5Metres

Circular straps

60mm (doubled up)

Working load limit upto 2000kg

Silks Hook

15mm thick at thinnest point.

Working Load Limit: 600Kg

Weight: 2kg

A hook specifically made to secure and protect aerial silk / tissus 

Swivel Hook

Working load limit 400kg

weight 800g

Swivel needed for all aerial acts

Circus and Hula Fitness Workshops

An inside or outside space (weather dependant) with a minimum space of 10mx10m and a Minimum Height of 15metres.

Access to space 30 minutes before the event and 30 minutes after to pack away.

All aerial equipment can be rigged from a single point using circular polyester fibre strops which be attached directly to a carabina or swivel hook.

What the venue will provide for performance

Single rigging point, please pay attention to minimum height and minimum distance between centre of performance area and audience.

Lighting- This will depend on atmosphere, venue, costume and act required

Music- Audio PA system with a quality and clear sound for the performer and audience.

Don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions.

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