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Aerial Silks Classes.


also available.

Currently held in

Chertsey, Surrey


Looking for a new challenge? Want some motivation for a new fitness and strenghclass?



Aerial silks are a new challenging and inspiring sport, incorporating dance, strength and expressive movement.

Aerial silks are usually described as very long curtains, hung from a height.

Every aerial class will cover extensive warm up air conditioning and flexibility, whilst encouraging movement and creativity.

Come and challenge yourself with this complete mind and body workout.

Build body strength, muscle tone and a new skill with every class structured to your individual needs and abilities.


Classes every Week.

Children 7-15years Sundays (please contact for time)

Adults 16plus Fridays 7.15pm

All classes are one hour

Classes are held at The Riverbourne Club, Chertsey

Booking is available at 

Private lessons are also available on a 1:1 or on groupbasis.

Act Creation

are you already an aerial performer but need more inspiration?

or would like to be an aerial performer?

Cj has over 10 years of aerial experience with both traditional circus and contemporary performances.

if you have a venue (even a big top) I can come to you!

contact for more information.

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